Selling a house for relocation

You may be in the position where you already own a house, and for personal or investment reasons wish to sell it for removal.

KHR purchases good weatherboard houses for removal.

The things KHR looks for in a house for relocation are:

• the house must be sitting on stumps, not on a concrete slab

• the house site must be reasonable level

• KHR avoids house sites that have high retaining walls next to the footpath

• good access is important – mature trees and electricity poles may cause problems

• wide road access is an advantage

• house must be single storeyed.

• houses with 3-4 bedrooms are preferred

• houses that have undergone renovations especially in kitchens and /or bathrooms are preferred

• houses with character are preferred, no matter what age

• time-frame. It takes four weeks to obtain a Permit to Remove (similar to a Demolition Permit) from the local council Building Department.  KHR prefers 6-10 weeks’ notice when purchasing a house for removal.

• Houses with ceilings of 9′ to 10′ are preferred.

Initially KHR will look at the outside of the house you wish to sell and decide on its suitability for removal. If the site is suitable, arrangements are made to inspect inside the house and a price is agreed upon (depending on the fixtures and fittings). Also an approximate date is agreed upon for the removal. It takes about 5 working days to remove a 12 sq weatherboard house.

KHR is responsible for paying for and applying to the local council or building surveyor for the required Permits and is responsible for any damage caused to the front footpath and nature strip. Before KHR applies for a Permit To Remove, the owner must sign a letter (prepared by KHR) for the Council / Building Surveyor giving KHR permission to remove the particular house. KHR cannot be responsible for clearing the site once the house has been removed, and there are certain house materials left behind.

In light of the abovementioned criteria, KHR pays between $1,000 and $10,000 for a weatherboard house for Removal.

KHR will pay a 10% deposit on the owner signing the “House Purchasing Contract” and the balance on the day of job commencement.