Option A

Option A

In choosing Option A, and after you have been issued with the required Council Permits (Permit to Remove and Asset Protection Permit), KHR will prepare your house for relocation (remove the roof, prepare the house internally, cut the house into sections, lift the sections onto the house floats using hydraulic jacks), then transport your house sections to your new site under a Vic Roads Permit, once you have been issued with your new site Building Permit (Client to arrange).

On arrival at the new site (which has been prepared and pegged out by the owner, the grass cut and a firm track laid) the house removers set to work placing the sections into position, then marking and digging the stump holes. Once the holes have been inspected and passed by the relevant Building Surveyor, concrete is poured into the holes then concrete hangers are placed into the concrete.

Once the concrete has set, the house sections are lowered onto the ant-capped stumps and secured. The sections are then rejoined, the sub-floor and certain internal works completed and the roof frame is repitched. Finally, roofing contractors install new roofing iron over new steel batten and 50mm insulation blanket (required for BAL-ember attack and Energy Ratings – Winter Rating 1.3 and Summer Rating 1.8), along with fascia and quad gutter (optional extra) or reinstall the existing roofing iron (if it is in excellent condition).


The final cost depends on many factors, but the following scenario is presented as an example.:-
To relocate a 12sq weatherboard with 9′ (2.7mt) ceilings and a pitched roof (not Period style) with good access from a northern suburb of Melbourne to the Bendigo, Castlemaine, Shepparton or Geelong area (1.5 hours by car) would cost approximately $55,000 to $70,000 GST inclusive. This price range would include the preparation, transportation, restumping, rejoining and reroofing labour for the house but would not include the cost of the new roofing materials, concrete for the base of the stump holes, Transit Insurance, Contract Works Insurance or the 6.5 years Builder’s Warranty Insurance. Total for insurances is approximately $2,700 (2017). Supply and installation of Quad Gutter is an optional extra.


Deposit on signing the Contract 05%
Commencement of works 30%
House restumped 30%
House re-roofed 30%
Completion (according to Contract) 05%

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