About Us

About Us

1bHouse Removing is a very old form of recycling. There have been many forms of house removing procedures practised thoughout the centuries (see attached photos for interest sake).

Kilmore House Removers is a member of the International Association of Structural Movers (IASM), USA. Visit its web site for more information on the history of house removing.

As times have changed so has the type of equipment used in the industry. However, the main reason for relocating houses – economic, has not changed over the years, and for those with forsight and a little determination, relocating a house remains a very viable option.

Kilmore House Removers (trading name) commenced operation in April 1990. Since then KHR has completed over 900 relocation projects throughout Victoria. Part owner and operator Gerard Clancy is a registered Victorian Builder, DB-U18426 and concentrates house removing work in the State of Victoria only. We are members of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) Member Numbers 846926, 937326 and 962520.

2bDuring the early 90’s KHR concentrated on relocations only. The bulk of the weatherboard houses relocated came from the suburbs of Melbourne and have been relocated to all areas of Victoria. These houses were and still are being sold directly from their original site to new sites or are cut into sections, tarped and transported to our Kilmore Storage Yard (whilst Clients wait for Building Permit to be issued).

The business grew both in size and in reputation, and in the mid 90’s Kilmore House Removers was given the opportunity to purchase for relocation over one hundred ex-army houses from Puckapunyal. This experience resulted in the business expanding and diversifying.

Once all the ex-army houses were sold and relocated, KHR commenced purchasing single storeyed weatherboard houses from in and around the suburbs of Melbourne. Theses houses are ready to be sold for relocation, either directly from the original site or via our Kilmore Storage Yard.

By 1997 the business of Kilmore House Removers had developed into two separate areas:

a) House Relocating services and
b) Houses available for sale and relocation.